Web evidence made in Germany

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Mistakes are Human

The British police often suspects innocent people in Internet-related matters because of typing errors. Particularly problematic: child abuse accusations.

In practice, these and other human errors occur again and again - even when dealing with professionals. The smallest error securing evidence can have catastrophic consequences: Lost trials, destroyed lives, unpunished criminals.

"All of this greatly increases the risk of error. Most of these are transcription errors (a number is typed in incorrectly). Based on the complexity set out above, it is easy to see why. But errors can also be caused by other issues. The impact of these errors has, in some cases, been enormous. People have been arrested for crimes relating to child sexual exploitation. Their children have been taken into care, and they have had to tell their employers." (2016 Report of Interception of Communications Commissioner, p. 21)

Errors caused by technical laymen and even most experts are hard to avoid. Rely on us: At Devidence, we use special techniques and systems to avoid typing and other human errors.